1- Private Lessons

Our Private Lessons accommodate a variety of student needs, whether in technique and performance, enjoyment and appreciation of music, and composition.

The pace of lessons is driven by the student’s ability and desire to learn. Typical lesson duration recommended for beginners is 45 minutes and 1 hour lesson is recommended for the student with some musical knowledge, once per week. We meet the individual needs of each student, matching the student’s comfort level to the most appropriate instructor.


2-  Band Lessons


Beats and Tunes runs a very excited Band program in:  Rock, Jazz, Country, Pop, R&B, and Latin Jazz. The program matches guitar, bass, drums, vocal and piano students together to learn rock and Jazz songs that they choose with their instructor over several months. This is not just a jam session, but a genuine opportunity to work with and gain experience in a real Band while developing valuable and versatile ensemble skills.


3- Angels in Tune


This is an early music education program for 4 to 6 years old students. Angels in Tune’s experienced staff of Instructors will help young children understand rhythm and melody and introduce them to the language of music. Instructors will lead activities intended to spark creativity. Angels in Tune will expose kids to classic songs that have inspired adults and kids throughout the history of classical and popular music.

4- Adult program

adult_programThis program offers to adults individual lessons in Piano, Guitar, Voice, Bass, Drums, Sax, Clarinet and Violin



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